The Impact Of Ethical Culture In Human Resource Management

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1. Abstract
This assignment reviews the producing and supporting ethical culture and the climate through human resource management by conferring ethics in the business environment and examining human capital influence in the equivalent situation. This assignment indicates different aspects of ethical issues and challenges that occur in organisations and what human resource needs to do in order to manage them in the same context. It also discusses the ethical decision making of organizations in integrating the ethics into strategic human resource decision making process.
2. Introduction
Ethics are an important aspect in the life of individuals and business. They attempt to distinguish right from wrong and good from bad. They constitute desirable conduct, moral codes, norms, beliefs and practices. Ethical organizational culture and climate are important in order to guide ethical employee behaviour in achieving organizational goals and objectives. Ethical policies, procedure and practices on issues of employee …show more content…

A key consideration in the nature of ethics in the business environment is the core values that exist in an organization. These are values articulated and reinforced by top management, imparted to new members of the organization and spread throughout the organization. Organizational values have a substantial influence on employee performance. Organizational values are communicated via socialization and code of ethics. If people do not agree on or do not know the norms and values of their organization then a weak corporate culture exists (Finegan, 1994). Chief executives must communicate, encourage and show pride in the organization ethical standards to inspire and show employees that the organization appreciates a person for acting in accordance with the standards. Business ethics applies to all aspects of business conduct and

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