The Impact Of Facebook On Citizen Engagement

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on the power that social media sites possess on citizen engagement. However, a study done in 2011 examined the usefulness of Facebook pages as a way to connect citizens with each other (many-to-many) for policy input versus the utilization of those social media sites to transmit to and receive from government to citizens (one-to-many) in a more authoritative manner . The study was done to examine the use of Facebook to maintain power relations and inform citizens about their views rather than using the platform for the soft of connectivity for which it was intended: that is flat, egalitarian networked communications or even iterated and critical feedback exchanges . Results are promising to better the future link for citizen engagement. Social media can be the resource used to increase interaction between government and citizens. Today this form of social media communication is on a rise and is becoming an accepted part of everyday life. By establishing a right kind of respect and privacy this tool will replace the old with the new and open doors to new interactions between the government and social media. As much as social media may appear to be the missing link between government and citizen interaction, it may have a dark side. Social media can be used against the government. It can be used as a tool for protest. Still something that is new and upcoming, social media in protests is making quite the impact. Current conventional wisdom has it that social networks have
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