The Impact Of Franklin D. Roosevelt During The Great Depression

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America has witnessed many presidents that handled number of crises. In 1933 Franklin D Roosevelt was sworn in with a spoonful of problems, The Great Depression, one of multiple dilemmas Roosevelt had passed down to him, left the economy crippled. The United States never witnessed such a catastrophic and long term impact on the economy. Businesses, investors and banks became bankrupt resulting in millions unemployed. However, The New Deal, a policy created to lessen and recover from the aftermath of the economic downfall, has created instant relief for millions and shaped our benefits we receive from the government today.
After the stock market crash, America was placed in an economic devastation. Chaos and panic spread throughout America. Prior to Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Herbert Hoover made the next three years of the depression worsen. Hoover believed The Great Depression was going to blow over; therefore he did not enforce many policies to lessen the impact of the Depression. The failure of banks, business and investors becoming bankrupt and wiped out, led to a drastic downfall
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Roosevelt first day in office William Woodin and himself drafted The New Deal. Roosevelt thought providing brief help to unemployed Americans would make a speedy recovery and boost the economy. It consisted of several programs and laws that were enforced in order to lessen the result of The Great Depression. During The First Hundred Days 15 bills were passed to “restart” the economy and immediately provide work for the unemployed. Programs such as The Civilian Conservation Corps, Civil Works Administration, Public Works Administration, and Tennessee Valley Authority used public-works projects to hire millions of people. Roosevelt introduced a number of major reforms such as the within the formation of the American economy and government in order to relieve people right away. Millions were becoming employed and slowly recovering from the Great
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