Home Education In Australia

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Home-schooling is a type of schooling completed from the home, which is usually instructed by the caregiver. Home-schooling is slowly becoming more popular, both nationally and internationally. A common conception which many people have about home-schooling is how this impacts on children’s social development (Lebeda 2007, p. 102). Realistically children who are home-schooled and children who are main-steam schooled, are both open to potentially of having social abnormalities (Romanowski 2006, p. 125). Due to the common debate of home-schooling and how this impacts on socialisation, this study will focus on three themes which have emerged from the literature surrounding this topic. The themes include, the impact of home-schooling on social, emotional and psychological development, the efforts which parents make to ensure their children are provided adequate time to develop social skills and what activities and resources home-schooled children are presented with or have access too. The literature which has been sourced and referenced to throughout this study, has been from mostly the United States and the United Kingdom, therefore already presenting motivation for further research on this topic in relation to Australia is needed. The study has determined a number of potential gaps, where a need for further research is suggested.

Social, emotional and psychological development
Social, emotional and psychological impacts occur in all types of schooling and all

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