The Impact Of Innovation On Nursing Education Essay

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The impact of innovation in nursing education is essential in order to provide competent nurses during the nursing shortage. Upon review of Craven Community College’s curriculum (CCC), it was noted that peer mentoring could be utilized in order to decrease anxiety and increase confidence in nursing students. Peer mentoring has been defined as a planned relationship between a more experienced person and a less experienced person with the purpose of achieving identified outcomes. In a peer-mentoring relationship, the mentor and mentee are similar in terms of age and status (Hunt & Ellison, 2010). This relationship could foster collaboration and a spirit of inquiry. It is consistent with the situated learning theory and provides opportunities to develop teamwork and collaboration strategies (Botma, Hurter & Kotze, 2012). There are benefits for the mentee as well as the mentor. Upon literature review, it was noted that effective mentoring can contribute toward a positive learning environment and valuable learning experiences (Botma, Hurter & Kotze, 2012). A long standing concern among nursing faculty has been the large number of students that a clinical faculty member is responsible for during a clinical experience and faculty time for adequate supervision and attention (Bagnardi, 2011). Peer mentoring is a strategy that has been used in the clinical setting. A major role of the mentor is to assist and encourage students to link theory to practice in a practical setting

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