The Impact Of Internet On Computer And Communication World

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1.1 Background
The vision of globally interconnected set of computers in which people can easily access and share data from anywhere dated back to the 1962. At the end of the 1960s, the Internet was created and it was considered one of the most groundbreaking invention, which revolutionised the computer and communication world forever (Barry M. Leiner 2015). The Internet has the capability of disseminating information worldwide and facilitates interaction between individuals regardless of their geographical location. For instance, since the early 1990s, the cost of communication had been lowered significantly when personal computers had become a necessity in each household. People all over the world are more connected to each other and the sharing of information was easier than ever, which leads to the era that we are living now in what we call the “Information Age” (Tucci 2015).

Since then, the Internet is constantly evolving to become more interactive and productive. Over the past decade, we saw an increasing number of online services and applications hosted on the Web. Recently, the deployment of Web 2.0 has yet again changed and enhanced the Internet experience. The creation of Web 2.0, which emphasise on user-generated contents, usability and interoperability have turned former online information readers into information producers. The main feature of Web 2.0 is the ability to allow users to interact with one another in a social media network (o 'Reilly

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