The Impact Of Legislation On An Organization

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Impact of Legislation on Organization

Richard Anthony

CSIA 412

Prof. Andrea Simpson

March 29, 2015


In the past decade, every individual, and organizations did paperwork with a typewriter and a cabinet or book shelf to store their files. These days our old ways is been replaced by computers and databases or cloud. This in order words mean that government organization like the department of veterans affairs do their workload with computer, databases as to the old days.
This modern change makes some organization vulnerable to attackers. In other to reduce these treats from the attackers, cybersecurity rules and regulations were created to protect data stored within networks from attackers. In May 12 of 2011, the cybersecurity legislative proposal was created by the White House in order to US citizens from cyber-attack.
In this project, three points will be selected from the cybersecurity legislative proposal that will impact the veterans Affairs information security program. This project will analyze the impact on the Veteran Affairs modern information security program. The VA provide benefits to military veterans and their families.

Points of Analysis

First point of analysis

First policy to analyze is “Specific Criminalization of Damaging Critical Infrastructure Computers”. This policy makes attacks that affect confidentially, integrity and availability to a critical infrastructure computer illegal and punishable by jail time and

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