The Impact Of Social Networking And Its Impact On Society

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The Impact of Social Networking on Society Social networking (the use of websites to interact with people) has dramatically changed the way society communicates, all within in a period of 20 years. What used to take weeks can now be done in a matter of seconds. Essentially all limitations as to whom a person can talk to, even if that person lives thousands of miles overseas, have been demolished. Social networking has fashioned a more convenient and controversial life for those who have access. Effortless Communication First, social networking has not only made communication virtually effortless, but also much quicker. Back in the 1800s, if someone who lived in Virginia were to send a letter to a relative who lived South Carolina, that person could expect their letter to arrive within a couple of weeks. By the time the letter would have reached the relative, whatever information that was sealed inside the envelope may not be of much importance anymore. As time progressed the telephone was invented, which was a magnificent advancement in communication. However, even though calling someone may be faster than sending a letter, not everyone has the time to call and physically talk to someone. Social networking allows one to reach a larger audience simultaneously with the ease of putting one’s thoughts into words like in a letter and without the inconvenience of forced conversation over telephone. For example, numerous community events, such as music at the mural and school

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