The Impact Of Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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It is proven that social media has had a huge impact on the way we live our daily lives. Not only has it changed the way we go about our days, it has changed the way we communicate and interact with the ones we care the most about. Social media has positively and negatively impacted our relationships with others. “The original intent of social network was to allow people to more readily stay connected with friends and family” (Qualman, 286). Yet, how regularly do we judge how much social media has affected the way we interface with those that we are closest to? Social media has allowed us to connect with more people in various parts of the world that we wouldn’t necessarily meet on a week to week basis. With the expansion in the number of contacts, we can observe that we have access to numerous more thoughts and assets. It is a lot easier to meet people that have the same traits as you, and it is shown when “out of five couples meet online” (Qualman, 274). Websites like E-Harmony, Tinder, and make it easier for single people to find other’s online and communicate before even meeting them. Social media has made it simpler to broaden your effective reach and grow it to incorporate individuals you’d get the chance to meet, or might want to know better. Many relationships have flourished and grown into marriages because of these websites and apps and there is a potential these certain people wouldn’t have met without them. In the previous couple of years, online

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