The Impact Of Tanfeild On Their Subsidiary Snorkel

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Introduction to Tanfeild Our investigation is going to mainly focus on the Tanfeild, specifically on their subsidiary snorkel. Snorkel is a company that produces lifts all over the UK. The company produce most of the worlds lift to a high quality standard, with roughly more than 35 machines available at heights that extend from 2m to about 40m. With scissor lifts, booms, towable lifts, push-arounds and low-level access platforms, they have the lifts for almost all work at height applications, from fixing a house to building a skyscraper. Snorkel UK offers every one of access platforms, large or small the chance to buy straight from the factory. No matter what your circumstances are you are able to hire one of these machines straight from the shop, whether it’s for a plant company or for facilities to maintain their professional look. Snorkel is a PLC which means “public limited company” Tanfeild and xtreme share the company Snorkel, xtreme owns 51% of the company and Tanfeild own 49% of the company adding up to 100%. About them Snorkel has a general manager called Mark Yarnold. He has been an integral member of the snorkel team since 2010. He was managing director of the UK division of Pramac, a generator and materials handling equipment manufacturer. The after sales support engineer is called Trevor Williamson. He is the most senior at this role that can draw decades of experience in this business. He has worked with Snorkel since 1985.he has a fully equipped service van

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