The Impact Of Technology On Children

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As humans have grown in the recent decades, advancements in technology have rapidly improved, and our dependency and need of it has also increased, whether for good and bad. As these changes have occurred throughout the years, a new generation is born, one that has been exposed to these new advancements since birth, and the effects it is causing on developing children is something we have noticed, as this is the first generation to experience these changes. Through anthropology, psychology and sociology, the impact of technology on developing children is causing a negative, and destructive force on the minds, bodies, and characters of the future generation. Using these three disciplines, we can analyze, interpret and make conclusions on the impact of technology on children, and why these effects are changing humans today. Anthropology is the study of human societies, cultures and their development. We can use anthropology to analyze technology, asking ourselves why the use of technology is gaining popularity. As an anthropologist, we wonder why previous generations grew up completely different than the children of today, and how this will affect kids growing up. For example, the accessibility, and affordability of modern technology is greater than before, making it easier for children to access devices. Changes in culture, such as how our world works, both parents working, the need of a greater income to support children, forces parents to be less connected with their
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