The Impact Of Trust By Steven Covey

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The Impact of Trust Steven Covey said, “Trust is the glue of life. It 's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It 's the foundational principle that holds all relationships (Covey, 2017).” We unknowingly have trust in many individuals: doctors, firefighters, pilots, and many more. Trust impacts us every day. It impacts our relationships with family, friend, colleagues, and even strangers. We all have different levels of trust in our lives depending on our environment and the people we interact with. Trust starts at birth, develops through a person’s lifetime, and will impact their future and their relationship with others.
Overview of Trust Erik Erikson believes that trust starts at birth, and your level of trust …show more content…

My class mate couldn’t fully fall backwards because she couldn’t make herself vulnerable. The real question is, “Who do we trust?” A study by Maxwell J. Mehlman tried to answer this question with a research study. In his study, he found that people tend to be more trusting with people of authority (Mehlman, 2016). This study makes a lot of sense to me. We unknowingly trust people like doctors, teachers, and many others. Bruce Compton said we tend to trust people of authority because of respect (Compton, 2015). Because there is already a visual of the person you have respect with, it is very easy to have trust with that person (Compton, 2015).
How Trust Has shaped me I have always had trust issues throughout my whole life. It was always difficult to trust my friends in school. Since I was ten years old, I was bullied because of my looks and weight. I could never really trust my friends because I was always worried they would go and make fun of me. I was put through the ultimate test of trust my senior year or high school. I had to put a lot of trust into a group of doctors. My journey started when I went to the dermatologist for my acne. My doctor had me get a blood test to check my hormone levels to see if that was the cause. What the test revealed was that my free-testosterone level was triple what it should have been. From there, they referred me to an OBGYN. I then got an ultrasound that revealed a

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