The Impact of Aviation

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The Impact of Aviation on American Culture 1

The Impact of Aviation on American Culture History of Aviation in America 04D4 Professor J. Hines September 21, 2009

The Impact of Aviation on American Culture 2

From the Wright Brothers historical takeoff on Kitty Hawk beach in 1903 to the Modern day F-22 Raptor aviation has influenced and helped shape the American Culture. Modern day military is centered around, and greatly relies upon the strengths and mobility that aviation ensures. The economy depends upon aviation to transport people and goods as well as provide millions of jobs worldwide. Society as a whole relies on aviation to connect distant places that would take months to travel to if not for the power of aircraft. Aviation
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L. Matske (personal communication, September 21, 2009). S. Matske was recently furloughed from a regional airline based in the United States. It is a great thing for the consumer to be able to get a roundtrip ticket to Hawaii for $100, but that level of pricing in unsustainable in the long run. Eventually, the airlines must re-evaluate their spending vs income and generally cut employees, which starts the ball rolling on the global economy changing. Aviation is one of the biggest single contributors to the world 's economy and it influences every industry in some form of fashion. Society as a whole relies on aviation in a day to day basis. For business meetings, job interviews, political missions, vacation, and countless more mission aviation is the only suitable way to accomplish these things. Many people rely on the countless missions that aviation delivers. We are now able to control forest fires at a much greater rate than we could even 10 years ago. Med-evacs are now common place and many people in rural areas rely on these for medical transport and life saving treatment. The U.S. Coast guard has saved countless lives in the waters that would not have otherwise been saved.

The Impact of Aviation on American Culture 5 In my opinion the airplane, and subsequent improvements, is the greatest invention in the world 's history. It allows us to reach far away lands, expand our knowledge about
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