The Implementation Of Pressure Ulcer Incidents

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Implementation Plan
Due to the high cases of pressure ulcer incidents in this 18-bed CCU, a plan must be executed in a short period. A timeline was developed to implement multidisciplinary team collaboration (Appendix B). The multidisciplinary team will be executed in three stages during this three-month timeline. The stages consist of pre-implementation, implementation, and post-implementation. Clinicians are at heart of medical decision making (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [AHRQ], 2014). Healthcare practitioners are the stakeholders involved in preventing pressure ulcers and they must be proactive in performing task. If the multidisciplinary collaboration strategy succeeds, the other stakeholders such as patient, …show more content…

This checklist includes list of healthcare practitioners involved in patient care and treatment initiated in preventing pressure ulcers (Appendix C). This checklist is mandatory and must become a norm in daily nursing practice. Lastly, the team will be given chain of communication guide diagram (Appendix D). The nursing staff will understand the communication required with other clinicians in order to provide appropriate treatment for pressure ulcers by following this guide. This first stage will hold weekly meetings consisting of discussion for implementation stage. Any questions and concerns will be expressed before the next stage among the clinicians.
Implementation stage consists of: (1) tracking, (2) collaboration, (3) planning, and (4) management. It will take place during the second month. During this stage, skin condition record (Appendix A), multidisciplinary team checklist (Appendix C), and chain of communication guide (Appendix D) will be implemented. All clinicians involved during this stage must utilize these documents. This stage involves bedside nurse, nutritionist, physical therapist, wound care nurse, and an intensivist. Primary nurse will track pre-admitted and developing pressure ulcers in patients. Skin condition record will be used to assess and document description. Staff nurse will follow chain of communication protocol afterwards. Collaboration will take place once a pressure ulcer is

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