The Implementation Of The Healthcare Reform

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In 2014, the implementation of the Healthcare Reform has brought about many changes that has impacted the health care community. There are five top elements of the health care system that will require the greatest development would be the health care delivery system, the financial responsibility, the providers such as the physicians and the hospitals, the payers which would be the insurance companies, and consumers which will be the patient (Grand Canyon, 2015). Although many people, including several of the nation’s Senators oppose the changes that the uninsured in this country have been afforded, the question remains, will the changes of the health care reform benefit or discourage patients who need the support? After reviewing the lecture notes, the reports provided by the Common Wealth Fund of 2014, the statement provided by Hackbarth in the article written in 2009, Reforming America’s Health Care Delivery System, there is still uncertainty if the reformation of the health care system does benefit the people in need (Hernandez, J. S., 2011) and (Current System Issues and their Impacts, 2015). Healthcare Reform is to be the system that will stabilize health care industry. It is to be tried and true with the oversight of many such as the insurers, CMS and the oversight committee (, 2015). It is hopeful in all aspects of that the reform will be the bright spot everyone is in search of. Far too long there has been a lack of accountability for the health care

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