The Implementation Of The Staffing Process

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The steps involved in the staffing process is quite involved and detailed. First, there has to be some type of organization that conducts the interview such as a committee. This committee could consist parents of children enrolled in center or preschool (who can consider if he or she feels comfortable leaving their child in the hands of the candidate), staff members (who would be working with new candidate and see if the candidate would be a team player), and director or administrator of facility. The final decision on hiring the candidate should be made clear on who has the authority. (Democratic process or committee provide recommendations resting with director or administrator). Second, directors or administrators need to make sure they know the legal aspects of staffing such as the requirements and specifications required by law. Third, the listing of the job needs to be publicized in a number of ways so that every available candidate can view it (such as on internet, flyers, job fairs, and etc.). Fourth, the application should be constructed as a standard form providing information that the committee needs to review. Fifth, checking references of candidates before the interview to have a foresight or accreditation of what the candidate is capable of. Sixth, the interview process. This involves organizing the applications with all required information into the designated folder. Have candidate answer a variety of questions in which the committee would rank his
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