The Importance Of A Being Without Faults Essay

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Intro: Perfection. The idea of a being without faults has always been a goal for humanity, and for the longest time, the goal has seemed like nothing more than an unattainable dream. However, with the recent advances in technology and engineering, the dream may be closer than we think. Genetic engineering has become a powerful advancement in today’s technology-based world. Today’s scientists and engineers have begun work on methods to manipulate the DNA of a person in order to, in a way, “customize” the traits and characteristics of a human. This is admittedly, a huge step forward for engineering. However, the issue now rests with whether or not we should be committing such an act. What are the benefits of such engineering? Is it ethical to manipulate the DNA of an unborn child? And what are the repercussions that may arise from such advanced technology and engineering? As with any issue, a variety of views exist on both sides of the argument. These are the issues that are explored in the face of humanity’s possible first step towards perfection. Background: Nowadays, with our continuous advancements in technology and engineering, the idea of genetic modifications is no mystery. A well known example of genetic engineering is found in the very food that we eat. We know this as genetically modified organisms or GMO’s as noted in Matthew Liao’s research paper titled, “Selecting Children: The Ethics of Reproductive Genetic Engineering.” However, GMO’s have been placed under

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