The Importance Of A Community Health Worker

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The main focus of this intervention was to educate the target population on how to reduce their hemoglobin A1c levels. CHWs provided the target population with many skills such as self management education, ways to improve physical activity, improving their diets and many more skills. CHWs also directed the target population to community health clinics and provided them with resources on how to improve their quality of life. African Americans and Latinos have a big disadvantage among other ethnicities due to the fact that they have less health care benefits. This Intervention required that the CHWs made visits to the participant’s homes for about 60 minutes to address issues that were going wrong in the home and what behaviors needed to be…show more content…
The majority of the participants had a low education. The intervention explicates, “The program seeks to reduce diabetes health disparities by delaying the onset of diabetes, preventing diabetes complications, and improving the quality of diabetes care among Hispanic older adults” (Cruz 4). The intervention was done in one 90-minute training in study sites and was delivered to the participants in the Spanish Language. The trainings provided the participants with information of general knowledge of diabetes, risk factors of the disease, and prevention and ways to control diabetes. Health promoters at the end of the sessions handed out a “post-test” questionnaire to measure change in diabetes knowledge among the participants. Conducting these study sessions for the minority community who does not have knowledge in the disease is very important for them because they obtain empowerment and motivation to change their bad habits into good health lifestyle choices. It is important for the community to be well educated in the subject to also help other people who might be suffering from the disease. The Sauld y Bienestar program was very effective in delivering information to the community and helping them understand the importance of taking care of oneself.
Role of the Health Educator The seven areas of responsibilities of a health educator are used to
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