The Importance Of A Greater Role Of A Project Management

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The three key things which play a greater role in project management. These include:
• Culture
• Talent
• Process
The three factors remain outstanding in success of any organization. As read in the Pulse study it’s clear that most organizations are focusing on these fundamentals of culture, talent, and process in order to realize excellence in project, program, and portfolio management.
The PMI focused on high performers and low performers for comparative purpose. These as per the assumption that the low performers will less integrate the three basic fundamentals (culture, talent and process) in their organization. High-performing organizations are demonstrating that adhering to proven project, program, and portfolio management practices reduces risks, cuts costs, and improves success rates of projects and programs. As per the study in the Pulse of the Profession study by PMI, high-performing organizations waste about 13 times less money than low performers. The focus today in many organization firms are focusing on the three fundamental hence there have a report of improvement in the economic growth. The three key parameters are elaborated below:
1) Culture
This is all about formality of project and program management. The main focus here is on the way the organization understands the value of project management. Most organizations today define the importance of having a workable project management to both the workers and the managerial sectors. Every key

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