The Importance Of A Job Performance On The Workplace

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- Nowadays, most of countries in the world are tending economics so job performance is issue which all of people attend. Job performance consists of the observable behaviours that people do in their jobs that are relevant to the goals of the organization because of the importance of high productivity in the workplace. Performance definitions should focus on behaviours rather than outcomes because if employees only focus on outcomes, it can affect other important performances and they cannot be performed even though employees can find the easiest way to achieve the desired results. In the organization, job performance should concern the individual attributes, work effort, organisation support that are desired to facilitate one to perform the tasks listed in the job description by the organization - Firstly, we will define the individual attributes. An individual attribute is classified with level of diversity and it is based on biographical characteristics, ability, personality and values, attitudes, emotions and moods, perception, motivation, individual learning and individual decision making. a. Biographical characteristics: each person is different biographical characteristic with others like age, gender, race, disability which ways are used to define employees obviously. o Age: there has the relationship between age and job performance. The reason for this problem, at the same point in time, younger workers in a given job perform differently than older workers in the

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