Eulogy For Father

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Being unaware of what my peers plan to spend their $25,000 on, I cannot say that I am

more deserving; I can only prove that I am a worthy candidate with good intentions. If I were to

win, I am confident that my values and morals would not dissipate, and I would efficiently spend

the money given to me. We all know in a lot of cases a winner of a large sum of money will let it

get to their head. However, I believe a person can make good use of the money if they spend

intelligently and keep a good equilibrium. I consider myself to be a selfless person, and I plan to

give a large but reasonable amount to others in need. I enjoy volunteering often locally and out

of state, and I plan to have a career that ultimately aids in saving people’s lives. I would

definitely take the chance given to donate a large amount to a great cause or people in need.

However, I know I must also keep the ones I love in mind as well. I will make sure to take care

of the things my family and I are in need of too. I plan to give extensively to my mother, father,

sister, and boyfriend because they are the people that are closet to me. I know I will probably end

up giving the majority of my money in different ways to them, but I would also like to set aside a

little for myself. Being one of very few of my age, I didn’t get a car for my sweet sixteenth. I

would like to purchase a very reasonably priced car I’ve always wanted. Then, I can finally get

my first job and turn the

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