The Importance Of A Successful Firm Is Good Communication

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The cornerstone to a successful firm is good communication. Without it, there is confusion, resentment, and a blurry vision for the direction the company wants to go. In order to ensure there is successful communication amongst the managers and its employees of the firm, a communication contract should be created. This contract establishes ethical communication and rules for which each individual is to follow when communicating with others. Aside from creating excellent communication within the firm, the communication contract creates long lasting benefits for the firm and creates a solid foundation. Other communication strategies may create short-term profits but do not have the long lasting benefits of an ethical communication contract. The communication contract I would propose to the firm I work for would have six clauses. They would be the immunity clause, the respect clause, the need for change clause, the switched roles clause, the bottom up clause, and the key focus clause. The immunity clause stipulates that anything said or brought about is done so without any consequence. The motivation behind this clause is that too many good suggestions or ideas or constructive criticisms are held back because employees fear that they will be reprimanded or even lose their job because of the criticism. With the immunity clause employees can share their true feelings and critiques and that will be honored rather than rebuked. A companion to the immunity clause is the respect
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