The Importance Of A Successful Manager At The County Library

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The three things managers should expect to control in their career are time, money, and people. To do this, a successful manager should use the following: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In my opinion, proper planning makes it easier to organize, lead, and control. As a college student, time management will be essential no matter what career path I take. Currently, I am balancing a personal life, two part-time jobs, and class requirements. I work at the Garland County Library in the children’s department where I assist patrons in their needs and assist with children’s programs. Also, I work at Tower’s Real Estate Management where I assist bookkeepers as needed. Successful managers will have both strengths and weaknesses; however, they are always learning new things to improve themselves. For example, both of my parents are self-employed; therefore, I learn from observing their business practices quite frequently. Teamwork is always important when it comes to finding the best solution to a problem; therefore, it is better to work with somebody than against them. For example, The Office critical case analysis involved a communication barrier in managerial decision making between Krista Acklen, director of the public art program, and John Mitchell, director of parks and recreation, over limited office space. John went with his own decision without consulting Krista for her input on a reasonable solution to the problem of limited office space. In my opinion,

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