The Importance Of Advertising

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Everyday, everywhere we are inundated with advertisements. Whether it be while you are walking down the street, shopping at the supermarket, or even in the safety of your own home enjoying some tv in your down time. Advertising, whether it be big or small is everywhere; and in fact there are many issues with it. Advertising that promotes a service or product in a deceptive way is highly unethical. This is because it doesn’t provide the customer with enough information that they need in order to make a good, educated decision. And on another note, advertising is manipulative because of the way it promotes consumption at such a large scale. Some of the main reasons for advertising being dishonest are because it displays false savings, it exhibits unnecessary upselling and possibly most importantly, it fuel’s wasteful consumerism. The significance of this problem, comes in the form of the large sums of money people waste on products they don’t need and once purchased, realise they don’t want. Frankly it is just too overt to look past.

A way that advertising is deceptive is by showing false savings. Advertising a shocking price cut is a common marketing tactic, but some businesses inflate their prices beforehand just so they can advertise the sizable price cut. In effect, the customer does not receive a good deal because the discount reflects virtual, not actual, savings. Word’s such as “closeout” and “clearance” are commonly used by companies, which give consumers the

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