The Importance Of Being An Informed Psychologists

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Opportunities to thrive have being one of the reason why people migrate to different countries. With such migration come culture, diversity, teaching and learning that allow individuals to interact and exchange different ideas. When there is an increase in population certain organizations emerge in order to comply the needs of certain groups. That is why in the psychological field, psychologists need to be part of organizations in order to learn and inform themselves of emerging changes regarding a group of people. The American Psychological Association of Multicultural Psychology created a guideline that will allow psychologist to learn how to behave with certain ethnic groups and will prevent them to have any cultural bias against them. In this paper I will be analyzing the importance of being an informed psychologists and the issues that being part of an organization might bring. It is important for psychologist to learned about changes within the cultural norms of certain groups that will allowed them to access valuable information in order to support organizational policy. Being in a cultural environment allows a person to drawn information from different sources. However, it is not as simple as talking to a culturally diverse person once. For instance, psychologist cannot argue that interviewing a person from different backgrounds culturally orients them. To be culturally oriented includes research, practices and education towards that ethnic group. Guideline 6 from
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