The Importance Of Black Culture

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The Black culture is deeply rooted in religion and spirituality as our foundation. In addition, our values, customs, traditions, and way of life speak to the meaning of Black culture. It is a culture I take much pride in. Often my culture is referred to as African -American or Black-American culture. The Black culture is a culture of family, resilience, strength, forgiveness, adaptability, and complexities. Like most cultures, the Black culture is also flawed. The culture also reflects multitudes of contributions to American culture. What is important to understand about Black Culture is that is it also multicultural.
One cannot forget that slavery impacted and restricted the ability of African American’s to practice and cultivate their own culture. If Black culture is to be understood, then we must be intrigued by the historical progression of terms used to describe Black Americans. Graduating from the term Negro, to colored, Black and currently African- American. I often wonder, does the name change alter the perceptions and meaning of Black culture.
A Challenge to my Worldview There are times when I find myself generalizing about how other cultures and races perceive the Black culture. This can be problematic if I don’t work on my biases. A bias, I have is that most races, and cultures have negative perceptions about African Americans. I can see where this thought could cause problems during a counseling session with a minority client. One way to lessen this thought

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