The Importance Of Change In Health

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When it comes to our health, university students are notorious for becoming complacent with routine examinations that further translate to later on in their lives. As a member of the UBC community and Greek Life, there is a lack of support and initiative for individuals to keep up with various disease screenings that should be a part of one’s regular regime. There is a lack of information, promotion, and awareness for the preventative measures that can be done in order to protect against certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. People who are at risk, might not even know they are, or life circumstances can arise that make people want to take action but they don’t know where to start. By implementing certain strategic …show more content…

Social media would be such an important aspect of a plan such as this because already today there are such mass movements associated with different diseases. By taking that one extra step and adding a screening component to these already established brands (such as f cancer), the student involvement would drastically increase. This also relates to another technique entitled modeling. People are naturally followers, and as there is a large maturity gap between 18 and 23 year olds (typical ages of students at UBC). The younger students will see older individuals partaking in a positive and preventative measure that contributes to an overall healthier lifestyle. Both strategies could create a movement towards pushing people into an action and maintenance stage. (Sarafino, Smith, King, & DeLongis, 2015c). Students are constantly in a rush and frenzied about the tasks that they need to do, whether it is for school, clubs, work or organizations. However, school is essentially their main job if we were to equate the commitment and severity of importance. In a group setting such as this, motivational change is going to need significant backing to make students get testing done. Whether it is a blood test, ultrasound, MRI, or even just a simple questionnaire, there needs

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