The Importance Of Child Socialization

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Child socialization is important for individuals because it determines how a child will socialize as an adult. In this paper I am going to discuss about my socialization as a child. I will discuss about the three most important outcomes that I learned from my family of origin. In addition, I will explain about the methods of socialization and the parenting styles my caregivers used have helped shape my personality. Furthermore, I will talk about an institution that helped me with shaping my values, and my identity. In addition, I will identify a situation that shows that I was an active agent in my own child socialization. Lastly I will explain about the socialization goals for my children and how my own prejudices have impacted my children’s way of thinking. While growing up, I learned same values that I still apply in my life as an adult. One of the values that I learned from my family was to respect the elder. In my home, respecting people who were older than me was something that was expected. For example, I could not interrupt adults’ conversations because that was considered unethical. My grandmother expected from me to treat adults with respect, even if they were wrong. In addition, I was also taught that teachers were the maximum authority and that what they say it was the ultimate word. This outcome according to Berns (2015) is considered attitudes on how to respond to certain people or authority. Understanding that teachers were like parents, was a positive
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