The Importance Of Communication In Positive Communication While Playing Soccer?

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I learned a lot about leadership and the importance of positive communication while playing competitive soccer. My aha moment came during a game when my team was badly losing to a stronger and better organized team. I remember the frustration and the criticisms amongst my teammates whenever one of us made a mistake. I also recall the hopelessness on the face of my coaches at halftime.

Although the coaches told us how we should play the second half, I could see that some of my teammates were not engaged and not caring anymore. Up to that point, I tended to let others lead. I remember thinking to myself that if we were to win, we needed to play as a cohesive team and focus on how we approach the game instead of laying blame on each other. I thought it was important to play to our strengths, so I became more vocal, emphasizing what we were doing well and what we needed to do to expose the other team’s weaknesses. Though we did not win the game, I am glad that I spoke up and was able to motivate us to play better as a team in the second half.

I learned that leadership starts from within, believing in myself, and that I can have a positive impact on others by how I present my thoughts and feelings. If I show frustration or disinterest, I know it affects my teammates in a negative way and brings everyone’s spirits down. Whereas, if I stay optimistic and show confidence, it tends to have the opposite effect. I also figured out that when I reach out to others who are not
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