The Importance Of Communication In Relationships With Children

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Working as a Teaching assistant involves working closely with individuals and groups of children and/or young people. The relationships I have with pupils must be professional but not too distant. When working with groups of children I need to give individual attention to each child but ensure that all the children feel welcome and valued.
Following my study on this course I feel I now have a greater awareness of the importance that communication has on my relationships with adults/colleagues/management, children and the young people that I may be working with. I comprehend better why good communication is necessary and how it helps to establish and maintain positive relationships. Positive relationships have many benefits for the child’s independence, self-esteem and wellbeing and helps them achieve their potential.
I can see that communication is not just a one way thing, nor is it just the words that you say but the way they are said, how they are said and how they are received. My communication is affected by tone, body language, emotional expression and actions, all of which can alter the way a conversation flows. Something as simple as being on the same eye level as the person I am talking to so that nobody appears to have more power over the other, such as sitting on a chair next to a child rather than towering over them. Young people are all different to each other so I need to ensure that the method/form of communication I use is correct to match the stage of

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