The Importance Of Creating A Website

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When creating a website, it should have a myriad of essential entities. A site should be colorful, fun to look at, and most importantly accessible to others in need! When creating this website for Tony’s Chips new company, as a software engineer it would be vitally important to capture everyone attention to our new and improved companies site. By creating this website, it would be amazing to incorporate all forms of software development such as design, databases, and structure. In this website, it was essential to add a substantial amount of color, diversity, and a plethora of helpful cinematography links to access later. Additionally, when adding the colors and font to my website, I want to make the contrast viewable,…show more content…
Users have come to expect highly responsive and interactive user interfaces. On my reproduction site for Tony Chip, I added a fun little-animated gesture just in case my users needed help being guided around the website. Tiny little gesture can say “Don’t be scary, click me if you have a Query,” or “Click me if you're lost”. Most people have a hard time trying to find things on a site, by doing this you're ending the hassle that can be hard for users when viewing your site. Adding videos to websites play an important role also. This can be a tutorial video, or even a fun video welcoming new, and returning users to the website page. On my webpage, I deiced to add both. I added a few tutorial videos on how to use the site, who is Tony Chip, what is the company, and its products, along with how to order them. I also added a welcome video to my followers thanking them for choosing my webpage to view the companies’ fantastic success stories and other people that purchase from the company. Also, to reduce the redundancy of other sites we decided to add tutorials, and videos of my users are uploading their best photos. When approaching the topic of designing a website layout, sometimes you can over construct ideas, so it best to get the pen to paper, and merely sketch out an idea layout of your website. I made sure that my web page was easy to navigate, easy for users to locate content on each page, and easy for users to find what they need on
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