The Importance Of Design And Designting A Visually Compelling Website

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There are many reasons that companies go out of business. We will be looking here at a company's website and the various elements that can make it help you or hurt you on your path to success. When you are charged with designing and developing a website for a business, this is a tremendous responsibility. A lot of potential customers come from the internet. Even when looking for a local business, most people pull out there smartphone and search online. This makes it critical that every company's website has certain essentials that will help it gain new customers, and improve the company's long-term prospects for growth. Have a Visually Compelling Website Standing out from the crowd is the aim of any business, so it should also be the …show more content…

If people click on a link to your website and it takes longer to load than they are expecting, chances are they will move on to a competitor's website. Ensuring that your webpages are designed and coded well enough to load quickly is important for another reason as well. It has been known for some time that search engines regard page loading speed as a factor when it comes to ranking webpages. So, not only will your site visitors not stick around if that page takes too long to load but they may not have found you in the first place due to this. Information Laid Out in a Clear, Intuitive Way The most frustrating thing, from the user's perspective, after a webpage taking too long to load, is not being able to quickly find what you're looking for once you're on the site. This subject of site navigation is critical, and similar to page loading speed, it affects the user's experience and search engine ranking. Pages need to be easy for the search engines to find and crawl in order to index the information on them when deciding where to rank them. For the site's visitors, ensure that the navigation links on each page are for topics or products that are most likely what they were coming to your website to find. For hard to find topics, be sure to have a sitemap. This is important for visitors to locate harder to find pages and especially

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