The Importance Of Creativity In The Homeroom

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Introduction It was not until 9th grade that I had my first art class and my self-expression from creativity began. Today’s education is focused too much on educational standards and not enough on creativity. With technology on the rise, our original thoughts are becoming distant. Why be creative when you can simply transform an idea that is already there for you? Article Summary Bronson and Merryman (2010) argue in the article “Creativity Crisis” that American creativity is decreasing. In today’s 21st century, education is learned through textbooks, memorization and critical thinking problems. In this article, Professor E. Paul Torrance conducted a study with 400 students to measure creativity. The result of this study showed that American Creativity Scores are falling because creativity rarely step into the homeroom of the student (Bronson & Merryman, 2010). Additionally, the study showed childhood creativity was three times stronger than childhood IQ. But, why are teachers still not using art and creativity as a tool to teach their students? Personal Narrative
In my opinion, teachers are not using creativity in classroom because they are focused too much on meeting state and local standards. Standards would be met throughout the creative activity. Also, teachers should include creativity in the classroom to help students self-express and learn in broader terms. Specifically, for the “aha” moments. When a child finally understands a topic

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