The Importance Of Crime Prevention

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Crime is understood by society as an offence carried out by an individual whom is expected to be then punished by the law. Crime prevention strategies seek to measure the potential impact of crime on an individual and within society, therefore, the importance of effective prevention methods provide a safe and secure environment for society to improve with. The importance of evaluating crime prevention methods assist to reassure reoccurring criminal offences and help minimise the result of criminal activity on a specific category and/or area. The focus of this essay is based around the effective crime prevention strategies, which underlie several different perspectives by law enforcement and society. The importance of producing effective crime policies and strategies to protect future offenders and society will be explored throughout this essay, and therefore the focus on strategies such as community policing, social crime prevention and situational crime prevention will be discussed.

Crime prevention strategies can ultimately improve society by the implementation of prevention measures that are effective to the safety and security of society. According to Burssens (2015), the importance of evaluating crime prevention strategies is measured by the suitability and initiative to account for crime prevention. Burssen provides a theoretical perspective of the issues related to crime and how they can be altered to reduce the occurrence of crime in individuals and within

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