The Importance Of Culture Appropriation

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Culture Appropriation is a relative topic throughout the world and has brought upon many debates for years. One specific ongoing debate is if writers have the right to write about other cultures without being classified as culturally appropriated their culture. In “Who gets to Write What?” by Kaityln Greenidge and “Dangerous Ideas” by Kenzie Allen, both authors discuss how writers should have the ability to freely write about what they want but with resposnbility and without using stereotypes. Greenidge writes about how she witnessed someone’s work being accused of culture appropriation and her own struggles while Allen gives many examples of how pop culture is being appropriated. Greenidge does this through a personal narrative while Allen does this through the use of exemplification. Even though both authors represent their argument on culture appropriation, Kaitlyn Greenidge is more likely than Kenzie Allen to succeed in getting people to change their minds because her argument is clearer due to her organization, she uses reliable sources which adds credibility, and uses personal narrative in order to make it more believable and appeal to the readers emotions. Greenidge’s standpoint on the argument is given in the beginning of her article, making her article very clear for the readers: “I can say that I felt so strongly that Bill had to right to write that scene because he wrote it well” (Greenidge 4). This quote exemplifies how Greenidge explicitly states her thesis

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