What Are The Effects Of Disney Fairy Tales

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Disney fairy tales, sweet and seemingly innocent tales, are they causing children to lack certain knowledge that they need or are they helping our children? When one thinks of Disney fairy tales they might think of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty and have happy thoughts, but would they have the same thoughts if they knew that these tales were derived from the rather gruesome Grimm’s Fairy Tales? Did Disney actually hinder children’s learning by watering down these tales and sheltering the children from the dark realities of the world? Does teaching little girls that princesses are treated like royalty and everything works out, in the end, make their expectations too high?
Think about this, if all your life you were taught that everyone is respectful and then when you finally got old enough, you realized that not everyone is respectful, how would you feel? This experience would probably make you rather angry and confused. Trying to deal with disrespectful people when you have only dealt with respectful people for most of your life would be extremely difficult, you might even snap at someone. This is only a minor example of what sheltering can be like for a growing child. If you told your child all their life that everything will be solved by a prince charming then how do you think they would handle the cold hard truth when they get older? There is an episode of Criminal Minds, a show about FBI profilers, that provides a perfect example of this type of sheltering of children.

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