The Importance Of Education In Education

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Am I Making the Right Career Choices? What is my life’s work? Well, I plan on dedicating my life to changing the lives of others. Spending every extra minute possible giving back to the community in some way. I feel as if I was made to strongly impact the lives of anyone I cross paths with. Becoming a teacher is one of the many ways I feel that I can achieve these goals. Teaching is so much more than just standing up in front of a classroom and spitting out a lesson plan day after day. Getting to know each individual student and their personal struggles is key to being a magnificent supportive teacher. It takes a strong minded individual to teach. Writing this paper has opened my mind to all the potential bad things that comes along with teaching. It is making me look deep inside and criticize if I really have what it takes to be a teacher. No one has ever asked me if there are any doubts I have had going into this field. I think I want to go into teaching in order to accomplish a better learning environment for students, particularly children with disabilities. I feel that children with disabilities are not getting enough support and encouragement they need to succeed. Every person with a disability is able to achieve something great with the right support systems set in place for them. With a teacher who pushes them to excel they will be living to their fullest potential. There are the many obstacles which make me doubt my capacity to become a teacher.
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