The Importance Of Effective Communication Skills For Leaders

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Option 1: Personal Communication Development Plan Tanya Schankel ORG423 - Communication Strategies for Leaders Colorado State University - Global Campus Dr. Barbara Moyer October 2, 2016 Executive Summary Importance of Effective Communication Skills: In today 's competitive marketplace, it is important for company success for leaders to have the proper communication skills that will help the organization reach its goals. Effective communication is practice and honed through day-to-day activities. Leaders must have the ability to connect with their audience is a way that is meaningful, ethical, culturally sensitive, clear, strategic, and motivational. As a future leader, it is important for my success to identify the areas of communication strength and weakness. Once a weakness is know, a plan can be developed to turn the weakness into a strength by determining a strategy and setting a target deadline. Methods for Identifying Communication Strengths and Weakness: As a means of identifying weaknesses and strengths, a self-evaluation was conducted and scored accordingly. The results of the evaluation can be viewed in the appendix of this development plan. Results were tallied and sorted by highest to lowest scores, and corrective action identified and explained for areas that ranked in the "needs improvement" range. Recommendations: There are five communications capabilities that need significant attention and improvement before a leadership position can be awarded.
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