The Importance Of Effective Leadership

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enterprise. DaVita's vision is "To build the Greatest Healthcare Community the World has ever Seen.” The mission statement is “To be the Provider, Partner, and Employer of Choice.” The mission and vision come to fruition through the core values, which encompasses service excellence, fulfillment, continuous improvement, integrity, fun, accountability, and team (SITE). Effective leadership is needed to facilitate such a grand movement. Without debate, it is well known that leaders play a pivotal role in leading their followers to fulfill organizational goals efficiently. Fiaz, Qin, Ikram, and Saqib (2017) states effective leadership is a process by which an individual motivates others to achieve organizational goals. It is the process of enhancing and encouraging the self-esteem of employees to put effort above and beyond organizational goals. As previously stated, Theory created a system based upon fundamental aspects of personal growth, respect, and self- determination. His concept of village further expounded this initiative by weaving teamwork and diligence into the DNA of his company. Although hard work is a key ingredient to the success of DaVita, fun is an equally important component. Theory believes a fun environment delivers better care to patients while creating a better work environment for his teammates (DaVita website). From a clinical standpoint, DaVita provides a holistic approach utilizing an Integrated Care Setting (ICS) to help the individual

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