The Importance Of English And Writing

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English and writing have never really been a huge passion of mine. I try to enjoy it the best I can but it has just never been something I have enjoyed. I strive to be a good student and make the best grades, but writing has always been my downfall. This year I am trying to do well in all my classes and pass with A’s. I am looking forward to seeing how far I can grow this semester. My high school experiences with writing and English are not the best. I have always just been wired as a math and science student. Math and Science have answers, writing does not. I don’t like just being able to write my opinion or answer some questions in an essay. I guess I have always thought I don’t put my points together very well. I think that I can be …show more content…

I wish I liked writing more but math is usually my focus. I do enjoy reading a lot but I never make time for it myself. I took an English class last year where we had to read a few different books and I loved it. The part I didn’t like about the class was that we had about two papers due every week about the books. I appreciate writers and I am amazed by what some people can do with words, I just never see myself being able to do anything like that. I see myself more as someone who writes for their assignments and that is all. I consider myself a good student. I try very hard to make the best grades and always get my homework done. Sometimes stuff gets in the way but I always try to put school first and get my education. Things like work, person life, and family make school more complicated for sure. I would say having a job make college way more difficult than if you were going to school and then going straight home. I try to multitask the best I can and hopefully I do well this year. I graduated high school in 2016. After that I left for basic and technical school, so I kind of took a year off, kind of didn’t. In basic we really didn’t do any school work, we learned things but it was more hands on or all about the Air Force. During technical school, all I learned about was financial management, nothing more. I appreciate what the Air Force taught me but I just wish it was more like college, instead of having to take a whole year of school

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