The Importance Of Equal Rights In Israel

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Since the Zionist movement began in the late 19th century, Jews have been treating the Palestinian people as a minority and have been pushing them out of Palestine in an effort to create a Jewish state. In his book “Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation”, Saree Makdisi, provides a detailed account of how Palestinian people living in Israel and its occupied territories are still unable to enjoy the same rights as Jewish people. He argues that Israel is oppressing the Palestinians and violating international law by restricting their movement, thereby slowly diminishing the Palestinian’s presence within Israel. Makdisi believes that the only viable option to ensure Palestinians have the same rights as the Jews is a one-state solution, which I am inclined to agree with.
The Israeli government has a bureaucratic process in place that oppresses Palestinians. Several different international and human rights organizations have submitted that Israel’s way of supporting the Palestinians oftentimes violates international law. Palestinians have an everyday struggle that Jews do not have to contend with, specifically due to Israel’s handling of permits, checkpoints, and zones, all of which are intended to break up Palestinian areas from each other (p. 29). As will be discussed in the following paragraphs, Israelis discriminate against Palestinians on a daily basis, grinding down their hope for peace and equal rights.
Israel has a prejudiced permit system, which makes

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