The Importance Of Firewalls On The Operation System

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This paper describes about firewall management as one of the components in information assurance, which elaborates the importance of firewalls on the operation system. Illustrating the example of the online transaction that can use firewall management to mitigate the risks of severe consequences from cyberattacks. Besides, there are some limitation of firewalls as well that we have to consider in operating the system even if the firewall is protecting the system.
Nowadays, information assurance (IA) plays an important role in every business sector, which is the key to dependable management decision-making, users trust, business continuity and good corporate governance (Ezingeard, McFadzean, & Birchall ,2005). As quality and
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Integrity is to ensure that information is not corrupted. Lastly, availability is to ensure that information is always ready to support the demand of users. There are many diverse kinds of information assurance services in the market nowadays, which provide independent validation and verification services with innovative software or applications towards the organization’s system (Ezingeard, McFadzean, & Birchall, 2005). According to Managed Security. (N.d.), Dell security service provides capability of protection towards the network, essential internal asset, remote users and important information. In this paper, I would like to expound one of the critical services as information assurance, named firewall management, which is the important component in the part of information assurance in every organization.
Firewall Management
What is Firewall Management? According to Managed Firewall (N.d.), Firewall management is a security service which prevent unauthorized access and costly breaches in the organization’s system. This service requires a high level of expertise in order to manage and control the system, in which the network traffic must be monitored incessantly to protect from cyberattacks before the devastation is done. As mentioned in Harrison (2011), it defines firewall as gatekeepers for the corporate network and data center perimeters. The procedure of Firewall is to control and scan the network
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