The Importance Of Friendship In My Life

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When I was younger, I used to think that all people were good and every friendship that lasted longer than three months was forever. Now, I know that people will not always be what they seem, I might get hurt from friendships, and I have to learn to let go sometimes. I believe in standing up for yourself and your thoughts, even when it’s the harder thing to do. I stand for not letting a toxic relationship define you. This is how I believe in self worth. When I started my freshman year, I walked in with some of the closest friends I’d ever had. The four of us, my best gal pal, Anna, her boyfriend, Clay, and my best guy friend, Aaron. We did everything together, but it was Aaron and I that grew to be best friends over that year. When it comes to friendships I think I can become attached really easily. I am always the first person to say ‘I love you’. It’s just in my nature to be attached to people because I don’t want to change. We were constantly together, and they were the closest friendships and relationships that I might ever have. Nothing could come between us, until something did. By Christmas Eve I was seeing a boy, and on New Year’s finally had my first kiss. They were happy for me, but as the month of January rolled by I noticed a change in them. It was hard for them to trust my new hockey playing boyfriend. Aaron was scared he would hit me or hurt me because my boyfriend got very jealous, very easily, and it was mostly about my relationship with Aaron.
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