The Importance Of Friendship

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Everyone wants a friend that can pat their back when the finish a race or give them a shoulder to cry on when there’s a need. Friends are essential to happiness. Friendship is the goodness in life, the sunshine on a cloudy gets people out of bed.

Friendships are needed through the good times and the bad. In fact, usually more in the bad. In the book, “The Joy Luck Club (TJLC)” by Amy Tan, we see the need for friendship during a tough time when Rose Hsu Jordan’s husband, Ted, asked for a divorce. After telling her friend Lena about Ted’s request Lena replied saying, “You were depressed. You were manipulated into thinking you were nothing next to him. And now you think you’re nothing 15ywithout him…” Lena talks to Rose and helps her to see her self-worth. In an article called, “Women’s Friendships In, Sickness and In Health (WFISIH)” by Deborah Tannen, she spoke about the goodness in friendship, especially during rough times, saying, “Of the more than 80 women I interviewed recently for a new book about women’s friendships, many spoke with gratitude of friends who came through in such troubling times. One told of a friend who flew from a distant city and stayed for a week while she recovered from surgery.” We can see how this friend was there through the misfortunes of her friend. A friendship is a fulltime job that requires both people to be there during hardships and blessings. Friendship requires service for each other and building each other. I have had many times when

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