The Importance Of Good Life

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To live a good life is the proposed goal of everyone and anyone on the planet who has not yet lost their will to live. As living beings native to this beautiful green Earth it is the intrinsic of the human species to not only survive but to pursue the highest quality of life available. In nature it more desirable from the lion to entrap an elephant than a gazelle, simply because while both result in the pride being fed, the elephant will feed them more comfortably. In nature it is never simply about surviving as it is about living. Most people will work to surround themselves with shiny trinkets of gold, luxurious fabrics, decadent foods, and high-ranking people under the pretense that those are the hallmarks of the good life. This idea permeates human culture across the globe, the idea of wealth a status being essential to a happy life. It becomes a pressure that, in the profound words of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, burns a building down, splits a family in two, and puts people on streets. From the the skin bleaching epidemic in the third-world resulted from the fervent desire to reflect standards of wealth and beauty, to the powerful drug cartels that run entire countries, to the the poisonous music that resonates with the youth of today, many things are all in the pursuit of wealth and perceived status, at the expense of both the individual and the community. The good life equates to happiness. The definition of a good life is not marked by worldly goods and
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