The Importance Of Health Care Programs In The United States

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There are many processes that shape the way health care programs go into effect in the United States. One of the key issues is that the states have the ability to decide who gets what from a specific health care program, which leads to many different determinations (Knickman & Kovner, 2015). Another thing that affects the way health care systems are formed is that we have a fragmented governing institution that often disagrees on a lot of issues, and makes it a lot harder to pass legislation. Many of these legislative administrators impede the movement towards universal health care by tying up proposals and dragging things out (Knickman & Kovner, 2015). No one in the government can seem to agree on what they want done with our health care …show more content…

The United States seems to be unable to come together to form one large market in health care, if they were able to do this they could demand reasonable health care costs, but it seems we are a ways away from that occurring (Saper, 2015).
Benefits of Improving Health Care While reforming health care in the United States, we give more people access to health care benefits. Before the PPACA, the number of people that were uninsured has decreased from 16% to 9%, or to put it into a better perspective, the number has gone from 49 million individuals without insurance to 29 million (Obama, 2016). Instead of utilizing health care services for emergency purposes only, individuals can utilize health care for preventative services and screenings (Kilgour, 2015). Moreover, this improves the general health of the population because diseases are caught early on, reducing mortality in patients. Also, more low income families have access to health care services as well and can utilize services they could not afford before such as specialty care (Obama, 2016). I have witnessed firsthand when I have asked my patients why they did not come to the hospital sooner and many of them tell me because they cannot afford it. With the enactment of the PPACA we have started to see healthier young adults that are not only utilizing their health care but leading healthier lives. In an article by

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