The Importance Of Homework In High School

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My name is Charming Njikam, and I am attending Keller High School as a freshman this year. I have only been in high school for about two months and have already noticed significant changes in the workload. Many people believe that high school students are receiving too much homework, and that is what takes up our time and causes our stress, but I believe that there is a different reason. Yes, high school students receive large amounts of homework, but we are not given excessive amounts of homework, we are simply not given enough time to complete our homework and maintain a life outside of school at the same time. Homework has been proven to be very beneficial to students, so of course, homework cannot be banned, but time can be provided to complete it during school. All high school students should have the option to have study hall as an elective because it will help improve student performance and allow students to have time for significant matters outside of school such as family, health, and extracurriculars. The American Psychological Association took a survey of one thousand eighteen teenagers between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, and several of them reported that they felt overwhelmed and depressed because of high-stress levels. Eighty-three percent of those students said that the primary cause of their stress was school. When students are given multiple assignments from multiple classes, we start to commit the crime of procrastination, due to feeling
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