The Importance Of Identity And Gender Roles

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What comes to mind when you think about your life and how the roles you play shape how much power you have? When i think about mine my identity and gender are the first two things i think about. The reason why i do is because sex and gender are the primary categories through which people are assigned identities and social roles. Being assigned a particular identity limits power and the roles that people play in a culture. Identity can work to organize society, to create a division of labor, to give more or less power and to reduce a choice. In many countries within the Hispanic culture machismo and marianismo are two role descriptions used to describe gender roles. Machismo is about being manly and independent, in other words “having a strong sense of masculine pride”. This pride comes from responsibility to provide, protect, and defend his family. It is also a way of showing the power men have over women. An example of machismo is when men don’t let their wives work and say that “women were born to stay home not to go out and work”. Marianismo refers to femininity and to the ideals of women being modest, restrained, and nurturing. It can also be referred to a woman's role as a mother. It is thought that women are to be caretakers first and foremost, with their needs being less of a priority. At times it is said that some women support machismo by being submissive to men because they are dependent on men and obedient. More to that point, marianismo is also portrayed though

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