The Importance Of International Students

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International Students United State is becoming the destination of choice for international students. Every university, college and institution of higher studies has a lot of international students from all around the world. It is widely acknowledged that United State receives millions of students every year from all over the world. In 2013 to 2014, according to the date released recently by the institute of international education in cooperation with the State Department, international student studying in the United State was recorded at 886,052 which is almost twice the amount listed two decades ago. International students in the United State calculate for up to 4.2%. Just in Kansas, international student record for about 6% of all college and university. The number of international student at State Universities is go up as a high as nearly about 12 %; which is double the percent in the Kansas. According to the same data WSU at this years get the highest number of international student in the school history, which is about 1,900 students from 105 countries. The first cause why international student choose to come and study in the United State is because the country’s reputation for famous higher education programs. The educational system in the united state is developing which has gone to engage international students. Also, international students can study any subject they think of. For instant, if you want to study computer and become supper in tech, study engineering

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