The Importance Of Internship Experience At The Hilton Hotel

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I am a sophomore student, in the hotel, restaurant management major, at the University of Delaware. In this summer, I practiced at the Hilton Hotel, served as the banquet server, is my first internship experience; also, it is the first job in my life, the heart is full of excitement and energy. I was an introverted and poor person for communicating with others; therefore, this internship is a challenge for me to overcome.
To the day of the internship, I follow the supervisor came to the Hilton Hotel Human Resources Department for an induction training. According to my understanding, the Hilton International Hotels Group (HI), headquartered in the United Kingdom Hilton Group's branch, has the right to use the "Hilton" trademark outside the United States. The Hilton International Hotel Group has more than 71,000 employees in 80 countries. Moreover, the world's 18 award-winning ultra-luxury hotel Conrad located in the capital of Europe, America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East / Africa and exotic resorts.
Hilton Chairman of the Board, an 89-year-old Donna Hilton, constantly to his home in the Hilton Hotel, hotel inspection business in the 50 years. Hilton flew from that continent to the continent every day, flying from that country to that country. Take a trip to see if Hilton etiquette is in the hands of employees. Today, Hilton's "hotel empire" has been extended to the world, Hilton's assets have grown from $5,000 to tens of billions of dollars. Hilton Hotel has annexed the
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